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Within 03 (three) working days from the time when the employee awares of work permit loss or damage, he/she has to inform the employer or the Vietnamese partner by a statement which clearly shows the reasons of loss or damage. Within 30 (thirty) days from the day of loss or damage, the employer or Vietnamese partner has to submit the dossier for reissuance of work permit to the authority.

The dossier includes 01 original set as follows:

1. Request form for reissuance of work permit by the foreign employee inlcluded confirmation of the employer, in which clearly show the reasons of asking for reissuance (loss, damage, change passport number or working place). (as stipulated) (download here)

3. The former work permit (in the case of damage, change of passport number or working place).

4. 03 (three) photos of 3cm x 4cm size ( bare head, clearly see face and ears, no glasses, white background) within 06 (six) months.

Note: Any of the above documents which are made or authenticated by a foreign body or organization has to be legalized consul then translated into Vietnamese and notarized under the law of Vietnam.

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