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Dossier is set up with 04 similar sets, in which at least 01 is original. Each set includes:

1. Statement form for comments (as stipulated)

2. The draw of the basic design.

3. The presentation of the basic design.

4. Approval certificate of fire fight and protection.

5. Report on geological survey.

6. Capability files of the design consultant unit and of the survey unit (company’s business registration certificate, practicing certificate of the person who joins the design, etc…).

7. Land using liscence or land lease contract enclosed with the minutes of handing over land on the spot.

8. File of the investment project.

9. A copy of investment certificate.

10. An acceptance minutes of the geological survey and an acceptance minutes of the basic design between the investor and the consultants.


- Documents stated at the section 2 and section 3: each with 04 originals.

- In the case of the investment certificate issued by the Management Board, do not need to add document stated at the section 8.


1. Statement form for comments (as stipulated)


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