Quang Chau Industrial Park

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Overview of the IP


Name of the IP

Quang Chau IP



Quang Chau Commune, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province


Land using period




Saigon-Bacgiang Industrial Park Corporation (SBG)


Characteristics of the IP



Type of the IP



Total area

426 ha


Geography & Climate



Consists of 2 primary midland and highland plains interspersed. Located in the tropical monsoon climate.


Transportation system 

Located in economic development area: Ha Noi city- Hai Phong City- Quang Ninh province.

- Distance from Ha Noi city: 40km

- Distance from Noi Bai Int' airport: 40km

- Distance from Hai Phong seaport: 110km

- Distance from Cai Lan deep seaport: 110km

- Distance from Vietnam-China border gte: 100km


Infrastructure in the IP

Main road: 32m, 4 lanes

Other road: 23m, 2 lanes


Labour force


Population of Bac Giang province: 1,600,000

Labour resource: 65%


Land occupied ratio



The advantages in attracting investment:

Convenience transportation system

Synchronization infrastructure system

Low labour cost, abundant labour force


Investment fee



Land sublease price

About 1,200,000 VND/m2 (exclude VAT, annual land rental and non-agriculture land using tax)


Fees for facilities


+ Power: according to EVN price list

+ Water price: 10,000 VND/m3 (exclude VAT)


Labour cost

Unskilled worker: according to regulation of the State: VND 2,100,000/month.


Other fees and costs

According to the market price


Encourages & Supports



Encouraged investment industries 

High-tech, precison components, foods...


Supports to the Investor

Apply for the IC, tax code, company seal...


Investment process



Investment process

+ Sign the In-principle agreement

+ Apply for the Investment Certificate

+ Sign the Land Sublease Contract

+ Hand over the land





Name of the Developer: Saigon-Bacgiang Industrial Park Corporation (SBG)


Address: Quang Chau IP, Quang Chau Commune, Viet Yen Dist., Bac Giang Province


Tel. +84.240.3868 888

Fax: +84.240.3868 449


E-mail: sales168.sbg@gmail.com

Website: www.kinhbaccity.vn


Representative: Mrs Le Thi Hai Anh                  Position: General Director

Contact person: Mrs Nguyen Hong Hanh          Position: Sales Manager

(Mobile: +84.983.120.550/ Email: nthhanh.kbc@gmail.com)

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